Using the Try It Interface



The lifespan of a Bearer token is one hour (3600 seconds) for both sandbox and production environments.

Using the interactive Try It interface

Use our interactive Try It interface as shown below using our predefined values to familiarize yourself with our APIs.

  1. For example, generate a bearer token.
  2. Use your sandbox client ID and client secret in their respective fields, and use client_credentials in the grant_type field and click Try It.

Interactive Try It Interface

Click 200, highlighted in the following figure, to view the sample response contents.


API Response Sample



For sandbox usage, all fields must have the correct predefined values to obtain a successful response. Inventing new PMI values or using real-world PMI values will result in errors. Please provide all of the values, such as tradingPartnerServiceId, controlNumber, subscriber, and so on marked as required (R) (see example) in your API requests.

HTTP Response Codes

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