Partial Acceptance of Multiple Attachments



The TESTEP10 Test PayerId is designed for the "Partially Accepted" use case. Use at least two attachments in the same sandbox API request to receive an accurate response for this use case.

This response occurs when the payer accepts one or more files while rejecting others in a transaction with multiple files. The rejectionInformation field may or may not be a part of the response in real-life transactions, and its data contents are up to the payer to provide. You can convert the file to the correct format and re-send it in a separate transaction. Ensure all documents conform to file format standards and also avoid sending files that exceed more than a few megabytes each. For example, modern cell phones can produce photos that are in excess of 6 to 8 megabytes; take measures to reduce their size before sending. Some diagnostics files, when sent in PDF format, may also exceed payer file size limits and need to be broken up into several smaller files.