Attachments Status FAQs

What does a typical Attachments response from the payer look like?

After the Change Healthcare clearinghouse sends the attachments and receives the payer acknowledgement, you will receive a response body showing the status of the attachments submission. Results may vary based on payer acceptance or non-acceptance of individual attachment files. Please see example in Attachments Request and Response from Payer.

For a longer set of response examples, see Other Kinds of Responses seen in submissions.

How do I query for a specific Attachments transaction?

The Attachments Status API uses GET and POST requests depending on the endpoint used. See example in Query Specific Attachments Transaction.

Using the traceId value in your query path

The traceId specifies the attachment transaction in your query path. It supports the most accurate queries. It requires use of the traceId values that our system applies to each attachment transaction.

The traceId is a unique 128-bit UUID value (example, 3ba21288-3f65-11eb-a512-6ab12069ade5) that Optum returns to the submitter as an acknowledgement when they receive every new attachments transaction.



The customer's back office developers should maintain the traceId value for every attachment submission record. Whenever a Status query references that value, It should be passed to Admissions Status.

See example in Use TraceId in your Query Path.

Using the fieldset argument in your query

You use the fieldset= value in combination with the traceId to form your query. It defines how much information you want to receive in response to your request. fieldset= uses either of these two values to show the following:

  • Use fieldset=summary for a brief summary of the submission;
  • The fieldset=detailed option shows a more detailed description of the submission.

See example in Use Fieldset Argument in your Query.

What do the statusCode Attributes mean?

See StatusCode responses.

How do I remediate attachment transaction issues?

See examples in Remediate Attachment Transaction Issues.

Attachment Formatting

See attachment formatting section in Remediate Attachment Transaction Issues.

File Sizes

See file sizes section in Remediate Attachment Transaction Issues.

Search Does Not Turn Up a Record

Even when you correctly construct your search, you might receive empty array result, see example in Search Does not Show a Record.

Rejections when a file is known good

See description in Rejections with Known Good File.

Fax and Mail Issues

See fax and mail issues section in Remediate Attachment Transaction Issues.

I am not sure what the status message I'm receiving means!

The Attachments Status API also supports the use of descriptive information, known as metadata, to check for attachment transactions. You do not need the traceId to search for attachment transactions for a particular claim or a patient. See Metadata search.

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