Map 835s or 999s

The responses will be the 999 reports. When submitting through the API, the 999 level of validation at the clearinghouse takes place at real-time and is provided to you through the API response. If a claim fails at the 999 level or the clearinghouse level, the associated edit information will be returned. If you are submitting through SFTP, the standardized 999 files will be returned when a transaction is submitted. If a file is submitted through SFTP, the Responses and Reports API returns the 999 information in the form of an XB file.

The documentation for responses and reports API can be found here.

The report specific information can be found in ConnectCenter under Help >> Report Documentation >> Claims.

X3 prefix-277 Claim Status Response Data File or an XS prefix-277 response file will be made available through the responses and reports endpoint. Typically, we advise prioritizing the SD (payer batch level report) and SF (payer claim level report) as these are pipe-delimited files that will be returned to you even if the payer does not respond with a traditional 277. The SD and SF contain the same information but are returned on a more consistent basis since we generate these files versus the payer sending a standardized 277.

There will also be a report to show you that there is an 835 available. The actual 835 file stays in the format received from the payer.