Invalid Access Token Error in Sandbox

These are the most common reasons for this issue:

  • Access token might not be valid for the selected API or you might have selected one API to test but tried a different API.
  • You might not have followed the Postman instructions correctly.
  • You might have used your own data instead of the our predefined values and fields.
  • You might not have followed the OpenAPI specs (if you are using a different testing environment other than Postman).

To resolve, try requesting for new access token and sending the request again, if the issue persists, perform one of these:

  • If you are trying our API in sandbox, contact your sales representative for help or post a question in the developer community.
  • If you are a contracted customer, contact support.
  • Additionally, if you are either a contracted customer or trying our APIs in sandbox, please plan to attend our office hours, where different Optum departments' representatives would be present, and can answer your queries or help you.