API Request Header

The most up-to-date URL is, https://apigw.changehealthcare.com. This URL provides overall increased performance and stability. The https://apis.changehealthcare.com URL is an old domain and is no longer supported.

Use this header information for these eligibility operations unless otherwise noted: Eligibility, Eligibility EDI, and Eligibility Views. We use two standard HTTP headers in our API requests: Authorization and Content-Type.

The API request uses the following header format:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <Your-Access-Token>
  • Content-Type header always defaults to application/json
  • Bearer authorization token in the Authorization header
    Get an authorization token by making a request Generate authorization token.



The lifespan of a Bearer token is one hour (3600 seconds) for both sandbox and production environments.

We recommend automating transactions to use the tokens generated over the token lifespan. Obtaining tokens for each transaction is less efficient and does not improve the security criteria for any transactions.