Use the Test Payer Accounts for each Attachments API Response Type

  1. Submit an attachment using the /attachments/submission/v1/uploads endpoint.
  2. Use a Test payer ID for each response type.
  3. After the successful submission, the API returns the traceId in the response header.
  4. Send an API request for the summary/detail/attachments/status/v1/{traceId} endpoint using the traceId from step 2 or to the /attachments/status/v1/metadata endpoint using the transaction dates along with any filtering criteria you want to use.

The Attachments Status API returns a pre-defined sandbox status response that is configured for that payerId.

A Metadata search returns a list of matching transactions with their traceId and corresponding statuses. All trace IDs corresponding to a test payerId will return a test status message. If any trace ID values that do not belong to the payer list appear, the result returns the actual status from the database.

All notifications apply to payers accepting both Solicited and Unsolicited attachments unless noted otherwise.