Solicited Attachment Response to a 277R Transaction

When you edit the request body, ensure that you have the payerClaimControlNumber as a unique value for each attachment, as the subordinate field to the serviceLines JSON object.

For a successful Solicited or Unsolicited transaction, you will receive the following

    "serviceLines": [{
      "payerClaimControlNumber": "123456789",

Your workflow for API consumers should retain this notification for every transaction they send. It contains a unique value called the traceId, which is a 128-bit UUID value that's generated and sent by the clearinghouse whenever it receives a new attachment transaction.

The traceId is a reference value should a user need to check the status of an Attachments Submission endpoint (/submission/v1/uploads).

The acknowledgement appends the tradingPartnerServiceId (12B19 in this example, which is the Payer ID. This is required to request benefit information from an insurance carrier. This will vary based on the payer you want to connect to. Here is a list of test tradingPartnerServiceId), along with the submitterId (999898 in this example).

Solicited attachment transactions also contain the optional payerAddress object, which has the payer's address information. It consists of the following:

  "tradingPartnerName":"Happy Payers of Washington State",
  "payerAddress": {
      "address1": "123 address1",
      "city": "city1",
      "state": "wa",
      "postalCode": "981010000"

The tradingPartnerName is also required in the JSON request body.