Sandbox Test Responses

To assist testing your integration with the Prior Authorization Inquiry API, we have provided a number of test responses. To receive these mock responses, simply send your request body with a specific receiver/payer ID.

For X12 requests, set a specific value in the ISA:08 element.
For JSON requests, set a specific value in the payerId and umClearingHouseId field (same value in both fields).



The sandbox returns a canned response based on the receiver/payer ID. As such, these responses will not match the information in the request (i.e. different patients, services, etc. will be present in the response).

Below are the available test responses and their corresponding receiver/payer ID. If a payerId/clearinghouseId is sent that does not match one of the values below, an "Unable to Respond at Current Time / Payer Unavailable" response will be returned.

Receiver/Payer IDResponse
000000000000001Certified in total where subscriber is the patient
000000000000002Certified in total where dependent is the patient
000000000000003Authorization Number Not Found
000000000000004Unable to Respond at Current Time / Payer Unavailable