Retrieve Specific Claim Status

Regarding the Claim Status API, match all of this information closely to the actual submission:

"providers": [


            "organizationName": "Joe's Clinic",

            "taxId": "822777888",

            "providerType": "BillingProvider"



            "organizationName": "Joe's Clinic",

            "npi": "1234567890",

            "providerType": "ServiceProvider"



    "subscriber": {

        "memberId": "ABC123456",

        "firstName": "GEORGE",

        "lastName": "DOE",

       "gender": "M",

        "dateOfBirth": "18800101",

        "groupNumber": "1987654"


    "encounter": {

        "beginningDateOfService": "20220202",

        "endDateOfService": "20220202",

        "submittedAmount": "294",

        "trackingNumber": "ABC1234567"

You can use the trackingNumber in any way you want. For example, in the Claims API specification, the patientControlNumber field is used to track a claim from creation through payment. You can use the trackingNumber field to tie specific transactions to each other. This tracking number is not submitted on the claim, but it is a way for you to identify the specific Claim Status request you are submitting.
Best practice would be to ensure these are the same so any claim status requests can immediately be linked back to the original submission.