Unsolicited Attachments Transaction

For Unsolicited attachment, consider workman's compensation claims. Attachments illustrating the conditions giving rise to the claim are required in all worker's compensation claims, hence they are called unsolicited claims. Include sufficient claim information (claimInformation object) in the request to ensure that the attachments submission goes to the right place. For Unsolicited Attachments transactions, each attachment must have a unique providerAttachmentControlNumber value.

Unsolicited transactions will contain the optional payerAddress object, which has the payer's address information.

  "tradingPartnerName":"Happy Payers of Washington State",
  "payerAddress": {
      "address1": "123 address1",
      "city": "city1",
      "state": "wa",
      "postalCode": "981010000"

Use this address information in the request body when you need to mail the physical attachments to the payer. This may be necessary when the payer does not support either electronic attachment transactions or fax.