API Release Notes

Active release

APIVersionRelease DateAPI Reference
Payer FinderV1August 2022Payer Finder V1
EligibilityV3April 2019Eligibility V3

Trading Partner v7 API — August 2023

The Trading Partner v7 API is no longer supported and API requests will not work from August 15, 2023. You should update any code that uses it, to use Payer Finder v1 API. We strongly encourage you to make the transition to Payer Finder API with immediate effect, as it is more accurate and more robust.

Change history

APIVersionRelease DateActiveStatus
ReportsV111-01-2019EOL: 06-01-2022
Professional ClaimsV34-17-2019
Professional ClaimsV24-01-2019
Professional ClaimsV11-0102019
Institutional Claims releaseV111-01-2019
Rules as a Service ProfessionalV111-17-2020
Institutional Claims Integrated RulesV110-30-2020
Claim StatusV24-17-2019
Claim StatusV101-01-2019
Attachments SubmissionV111-01-2019
Attachment Status APIV112-22-2020
Dental Benefits Advisor (Beta version)V111-01-2021
MicroPokitDok APIEOL


  • ✅: Active
  • ❌: Deprecated
  • End-of-life (EOL): End of support


The Trading Partner ID attribute is no longer used.

Reports V2 streaming of large files — September 2022

  • 413 response scenarios for large amount of data/reports
  • Streaming and non streaming versus responses to better handle large files from Reports v2

For more information, see 413 response scenario and streaming and non-streaming versus responses.

Payer Finder V1 — August 2022

Our new Payer Finder v1 API collection enables you to search and filter through the entire Change Healthcare clearinghouse.


Legacy Relay Health (LRH)/Exchange Payers can be accessed by using our Payer Finder API.

Eligibility V3 AAAError codes — August 2022

For a list of Eligibility Error messages, error codes, reasons for errors, and their resolutions, see:



We do not support the Claims Responses and Reports v1 API. Please start using the Claims Responses and Reports v2 release at your earliest opportunity.

Updated API endpoint URLs



Medical Network APIs v1, v2, and v3 (as of 09-02-2021) are now deployed to an enhanced cloud-native network connection, which offers improved API speed and reliability. We recommend updating your systems to the following API endpoint URLs at the first opportunity.



Release notes

Eligibility V3 — 11-30-2020

Eligibility V3 Updates — 11-30-2020
  • Security and authorization changes.
  • Host and URL changes.
  • Deprecated: Accept application/vnd.changehealthcare.medicaleligibility-v2+json header mentioned in v2, there is no need to send or increment; versioning will be managed through the URL path.
  • Documentation updates.

Eligibility V3 Updates — 03-05-2021

Eligibility V3 Updates — 03-05-2021
  • Added two arrays – benefitsRelatedEntities and eligibilityAdditionalInformationList.
    • JSON object in benefitsRelatedEntities maps to objects within Loop 2120C.
    • JSON object in eligibilityAdditionalInformationList maps to objects in Loop 2115C.
Objects in the array will be equal to the number of times the loop repeats.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Security and Authorization changes.
  • 📘


    The legacy benefitsRelatedEntity and eligibilityAdditionalInformation objects are going to be deprecated in the future releases because the information is already captured in objects that are part of their respective arrays.

    Eligibility V2

    Eligibility V2
    • Request/response is now a single medical eligibility request/response.
    • Error response schema changed.
    • Adding address to subscriber and dependents in response.
    • Must send Header: Accept application/vnd.changehealthcare.medicaleligibility-v2+json.

    Eligibility V2 Updates — 9-20-2021

    Eligibility V2 Updates — 9-20-2021
    • Our Medical Network APIs support a significant troubleshooting feature called metadata. API users need not enable this capability; it is automatic and has no effect on information in any medical transaction. If you encounter any issues with a transaction and need to work with our technical support, furnish the representative with the values provided in the meta object. This enables the technician to get a head start on addressing the problem.
      The meta object obtains its data from the request headers and the transaction token.
      json {"meta": {"senderId": "Xxxx.Xxxxxx","applicationMode": "prod","traceId": "bc409414-70ed-e387-e7d8-7addd7a7b599"}},
    • Improvements to /835 and /277 functionality.
    • Updated with OpenAPI 3.0 support with medical coding annotations of which value from the EDI is presented in each property.
    • Individual attributes more clearly defined with plain-English naming conventions and translation.
    • Updates to support a new 'transactions' JSON object for the /835 and /277 endpoints. It lists out each 277 or 835 transaction contained within the report when multiple transactions are completed by the payer.
    • The /835 and /277 JSON translations present more human-readable content for EDI-to-JSON translation. The reports better represent the information hierarchy of the EDI.
    • ServiceDetails object from Reports v1 is renamed to serviceLines to match our other APIs.
    • Updates to Loop 2100A for Payer information attributes (04-26-2021).
    • Host and URL changes.
    • Documentation updates.

    Eligibility V1.1

    Eligibility V1.1
  • Update to add /277 and /835 EDI-to-JSON translation API endpoints.
  • Documentation updates and testing.
  • Eligibility V1

    Eligibility V1
  • Initial release of Eligibility API.
  • Initial release of the Institutional Claims API.
  • Initial release of Rules as a Service Professional Claims API.
  • Initial release of Integrated Rules Institutional Claims API.
  • Initial release of Claim status.
  • Initial release of the Attachment Status API.
  • Initial release of Reports API.
  • New Endpoint URLs for the Attachment Status API (03-08-2021).
  • Initial release of Attachments Submission API.
  • Initial release of beta Dental Benefits Advisor API.
  • Documentation updates (12-15-2020 and 12-31-2020).
  • Eligibility V1 Updates — 09-02-2021

    Eligibility V1 Updates — 09-02-2021
  • Adding statusList endpoint (05-14-2020).
  • Medical Attachments Submission API Mapping document updated to cover payerAddress JSON field mappings to EDI (12-15-2020).
  • New API Gateway URL for Attachment Submission API (03-08-2021).
  • Eligibility V1 Updates — 12-24-20

    Eligibility V1 Updates — 12-24-20
    This update resolves issues IMNP-21000 and IMNP-21001. Added support for Country and Country Subdivision Codes.
    • This is required only when the billing address is not in Canada or in the United States of America, including its territories (for example, American Samoa).
    • Used when the billing address includes a country and an administrative subdivisions of any type such as states, provinces, or canton. These values reside in the EDI N404 and N407 fields in Loop 2010BA.

    Eligibility JSON-to-EDI API Mapping

    05-17-2019Added field information V1.
    05-10-2021Conversion to Markdown, integration into live documents.
    11-11-2021Various content updates.