Use Code Snippets in Postman

If you are new to Postman, please know that it can generate the code for an API call — constructing both the header and the body — in over 25 programming languages. This can be useful as a starting point or for testing executing the calls from your code if you are getting hard to debug errors.

For this example:

  1. Post an Eligibility request.
  2. Open the appropriate call from the Eligibility collection.
  3. Click the code snippet icon on the right side of the window as highlighted below.


  1. Clicking that icon will open a populated code snippet window as shown below.
  1. Select your language of choice from the drop-down list on the top-left of this window.
  2. The code snippet contains both the body of the request and the construction of the headers.
  3. Copy and paste it in to your coding editor.