Submit new discovery task

Initializes a new coverage discovery workflow.

Discovery paths will be generated based on the details of the provided canonicalEligibilityRequest OR the provided canonicalEligibilityResponse. Each path will execute synchronously until a time one path returns a transaction response with eligible coverage. In addition to details around the coverage discovery workflow, an abbreviated set of transaction response data will be returned. You can leverage the "href"'s to retrieve more detailed information via our Transactions API.

Due to the long-running nature of this process, all responses will be communicated asynchronously via the provided request.callbackUrl. If this is your first time using callbacks via Swagger, check out the "Callbacks" tab next to "Parameters".

The API specified in the callbackUrl that will receive the asynchronous response once discovery finishes must meet the customer-specific whitelisting requirements defined by your team. Please reach out to support if you need to configure whitelisting! This API must meet the defined callback structure in the "CustomerCallbacks" tab!

You must be enrolled in the Coverage Discovery feature in order to use this system!

If you are unsure about the details of your request and how they might produce eligible discovery paths, you can utilize the "dryRun" field to test the request without executing any transactions! If "dryRun" is enabled, then the response will occur synchronously and ignore the callback capability described above.

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