WhoAmI API v3


The WhoAmI API covers user profile data arrived in the roster file. From users Basic Profile information like name, email, phone, dependent information etc. to Detailed Profile and Full Profile – like race, ethnicity, sex, dependent information, users payer information, Group Number, Policy number, Plan Name etc.

The WhoAmI API is used to display member demographic profile information. There are four options that support an application's responsiveness, each returning different levels of profile information; Basic, Detailed, and PayerInfo.

Basic Profile - provides a minimum set of member profile information.

Detailed Profile - includes a more broad set of profile information for a member than the BasicProfile, including all known telecom values, additional address, race, and ethnicity.

PayerInfo Profile - includes health coverage information such as Group Number, Policy Number, and Plan Name.

DelegatesForMember Profile -

MembersForDelegate Profile -

Where duplicate information exists in a member's profile, the relevant information is returned to eliminate obsolete values.