Interoperability Patient Access API - Admin

Product Overview

Two APIs necessary to understand and use the other APIs. The WhoAmI API v3 API returns the PatientFhirID field, which is used to retrieve person-specific resources. The CapabilityStatement API describes the resources and endpoints in more detail.

Product Description

As part of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F), members must have access to view financial, clinical, directory and formulary information. The two APIs in this Admin category are necessary to understand the interaction of the APIs, as well as to retrieve member-specific information.

The Who Am I API is necessary to first understand logged-in users and their relationship to a dependent's information retrieved by any API. This API is also included in each of the other categories. It is not a FHIR API but is specific to Change Healthcare's implementation, according to the Capability Statement, because querying on universal identifiers is not allowed.

APIs in this category follow the FHIR Specifications v4.0.1: R4 found at

Also note that understanding how to properly authenticate is a requirement for these APIs. More information is available at:

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